Barn Raising


I have been bred to appreciate a good barn. My dad has a little obsession with barns- now whenever I see a good barn, I have to take a picture of it for him. It’s kind of a family joke, but he’s proven his obsession to be a beneficial one since he’s designed some amazing barns and buildings influenced by barns.  My parent’s garage looks like one, and then he went and built an actual red barn too right near it to house man toys (tractors, etc) and such.

Side note: He just launched his new website (designed by my brother Sean)- go check it out (including more barns)!

I came across two very different spreads featuring barns and love how they illustrate the wide variety of styles that can be housed inside one! First up is a barn influenced new home by architect Alex Scott Porter in Amagansett, NY.  A mix of vintage materials and modern sleekness it maintains an open, airy feeling while also conjuring up the feeling of a Manhattan loft.

So loving this amazing tub and the gorgeous windows surrounding it!

This “Party Barn” was found in Garden & Gun Magazine and is a classically styled barn (think hunting memorabilia, plaid and tons of wood) but it was built specifically for entertaining! All it needs is a big pool table and TV and you wouldn’t be able to get any man to leave. Ever. I love that they used the bountiful land to not only keep animals, but also their modern sculpture collection!

So sweet. I love them.

I know this is sculpture, but can you imagine being a kid and having this as a fort???

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