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It’s been HOT here. I know, it’s summer, but in the city it can be downright oppressive and depressing.  If I were at the ocean I’d be all “quit your whining” but as I sit in a stuffy apartment on a velvet sofa (way to think that through, Erin) I am going to let myself complain. And dream.  And as I plodded down Newbury Street yesterday sweating like a pig I saw the paintings of Eric Zener in the window of Lanoue Fine Art and could almost feel a slap of cold refreshing water.  I’d been introduced to his work by Andrew’s aunt years ago, but seeing them right as I was so hot and parched (and without a blog topic for today) seemed like divine intervention.

Pretty cool, aren’t they? In a modern beach house they would be AMAZING. His book too could be fantastic on a coffee table in the summer (and waaaaaaay cheaper).

This one cracks me up (and makes me want a neon coral bikini)

He also does some work that reminds me a lot of Massimo Vitali’s stuff but a little dreamier.


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