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I received a preview copy of Mark Sikes new book Beautiful on Friday and spent a lot of time absolutely going gaga over every page in this stunning book.  There are only a couple of designers I would hire to do my own house if I could (because doing my own house is so hard for me) and it’s Mark Sikes or Steven Gambrel, no question.  I am planning a little refresh of a couple rooms in my house and this book gave me SUCH inspiration to get moving and clarify what I want to do.


Mark is the undisputed king of blue and white (a man after my own heart)


Even his own front door is bananas good.

House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful

EVERYTHING about this entry is perfect.


Doesn’t this kitchen just look happy? So bright and clean and classic.

House Beautiful HD #421108_AN_HouseBeautiful

A stunning vignette- the layered rugs, the dark brown walls with the white drapes, the hints of brass- and of cours,e some blue and white.

House Beautiful HD #421108_AN_HouseBeautiful

A pretty grouping.


Living room inspo for me!


I have always ADORED this space. The way the ceiling is so dramatically emphasized by the stripe upholstery (oh to someday be able to do upholstered walls!)  Everything about this is just amazing.


Another repeated trend you’ll see in his work is chinoiserie wallpaper- also a lifelong classic look.  This shade of blue-green is just eprfection.

House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful

here it is again but in a bedroom.


A moody bath.

House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful

Even his yard is simple and stunning.  Symmetry and a repeated simple plant like boxwood can really be calming and wonderful.

Photo by Darren Ankenman

This blue and white tile really steals the show.

House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful

Another gorgeous blue and white room with a classic California vibe. Laid back, casual but refined.


A slightly more formal version of that look here.


Another blue and white tiled bathroom with a drop dead sink.


Guess what? MORE BLUE AND WHITE. I ain’t mad about it.


I saw this room when I went to last years Kips Bay showhouse and while it’s A LOT of a look- something about it was so charming- AND I loved the blue and white Bennison fabric so much the he used on the drapes and walls that I used it for pillows in an amazing new project.


I’ve never been a big red person, but paired with this fresh blue it looks SO modern!



Such a fun, feminine combination of pattern and color here.


Adore this banquette.  In my dream house I would have one of these off the kitchen for eating/chatting and just hanging out.

Inside the Draper James flagship in Nashville.

Mark looooooooves him some stripes too.  Basically he is the male version of me- I wear a striped tee and jeans almost every day it seems.


He also has a charmingly preppy line called MDS Stripes.




Love Mark’s look too? Here’s how to get it:


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