Beautiful Little Worlds


Those of you who know me know I tend to become “obsessed” with new things, especially those related to the internet and shopping….and currently, my “obsession” is the Etsy site, previously posted about. My wallet is feeling a little lighter after a slightly frantic art purchasing spree I had today (I hope my husband is not reading this). I discovered the most wonderfully charming photographer, Alicia Bock, and have three of her prints on their way to me right now! Her Etsy site makes it easy to purchase these amazing, jewel toned prints that make it seem that Alicia is living in a world more brightly colored than my own. Her eye for composition and texture is startling. I am especially taken with her “Through the Viewfinder” series. You want to just crawl through the print itself in order to lie down in her fields of grass, by her shorelines and among her flowers. It was quite the deliberation picking only a few, especially at such low prices for original art!

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