Because A Brain on 3 hours of Sleep Can Not Be Particularly Crafty…


I have some good design posts simmering in my “in progress” folder but today my brain feels like oatmeal and all I can muster is a little SAG fashion review for you… I did not see it, but of course looked through the fashion recaps online.

First, THE BAD-

Terri Hatcher- go home. No really, just go home. You look ridiculous.
Angie- You are on notice for being LAME. Is this not the same dress she just wore to the Golden Globes? What’s with the frumpiness (and the raging attitude during interviews?) Please eat something.
Eva- Oh Eva. What is there to say about this peach chiffon poodle-y prom thing?


I cannot for the life of me remember the names of these first two actresses, but am LOVING their looks. Especially that yellow number (tons of one shouldered dresses on the red carpet!)
Kate Winslet- THIS is what a movie star looks like. WOW. She looks amazing.

Anne Hathaway- she totally got this one right after missing the boat at the Golden Globes- she looks like a Greek goddess.
January Jones- one the prettiest women on TV took a risk that totally paid off- I ADORE this dress.
Evan Rachel Wood- 2 for 2, and so excited to see what she wears to the Oscars! This is my favorite dress of the SAG’s!

Can I just say that I saw Slumdog and Revolutionary Road this weekend and am SO shocked that Revolutionary is not nominated for best picture and Kate and Leo best actress and actor. I thought it was jaw droppingly good, in a unnerving, gives you chills kind of way! AMAZING.

Okay, I need a nap before I fall over…

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