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I am pretty sure if you have ovaries and a cancelled subscription to Domino Magazine you have this pictures pinned, clipped, stored in a design folder or up on your inspiration wall. I think it was one of the most popular examples of the resurgence of bold wallpaper into the modern day home in the past decade. I still love the drama it creates and it’s images like this that spurred me on to being a designer.

ashley whittaker zebra wallpaper

The design genius behind that paper (and space) is New York designer Ashley Whittaker (Spence) and she- or her work, rather- happens to be gracing the cover of this month’s House Beautiful with a single gal apartment featuring the exact same paper (which is Zebrine by Rose Cumming, by the way). I absolutely love spaces like this- all “I am Woman and Damnit My Apartment Will be Pink and Zebra!!!”  I did one myself not too long ago and it’s still one of my favorite spaces I’ve done. Even made the web-pages of CNN.


Single women are fabulous clients- I have quite a few of them- and their decisiveness and courage in taking bold measures within their spaces to make themselves- and no one else- happy inspires me daily.  We can all do a little more to make ourselves  happier!



I simple adore the multi-functional pieces in this room- the desk meets dining table, the cocktail side table that turns into another chair…. in small spaces everything must have a function!


I adore the interview with Ashley especially for it’s help in demolishing design “untruths” about small spaces!   If you have a tiny entry, wallpaper it with a big scale, bold paper! White paint will make it look smaller, not bigger! Take your tiny spaces and embrace them, don’t apologize for them!


What a happy soothing bedroom, isn’t it? A little bargain purchase meets over the top luxury (sheets) is the best way to be.


So let’s celebrate the ladies today.  And if you aren’t single- well- that certainly doesn’t mean you can have a leopard stair runner in your house. (AHEM!)

P.S. You’ll have to buy the book in order to find out how I got THAT one past the hubby! :)


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