Booze Bag


It’s been raining for three days straight- this morning it’s a snow/rain/sleet mix, so can you blame me for posting about alcohol at 8:30 a.m.? I think not.
I saw an ad for this new product, Right Gin, and swooned for the bottle!! I am SUCH a sucker for creative, glamorous packaging! It would look so chic perched in my bar/pantry. Apparently this is the gin for gin haters. Smoother than most and made with ingredients sourced from around the world (India? check. West Indies? check.) I looooooove gin, so I’m already an easy customer to please.

Another packaging effort that left me saying “Ahh! So cute!” were these wines by Wine That Loves. How great are these for a dinner party (if you know the menu)? I doubt these will be saved in anyone’s cellar for years to come, but for cracking open on a Friday night with a big pizza? Perfect!

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