I moved to this city a decade ago and I have refused to leave.  Not for warmer shores, cheaper real estate or more bustling metropolises. I love this town, and anyone who knows me knows this to be true.  It has always quenched my thirst for the city life, the coastal breeze and a quiet safety in it’s smaller size I found enchanting instead of boring. I always said it was the perfect mix.  And then all of the sudden yesterday- the unthinkable.

We were attacked.  During one of most celebrated holidays special to our little New England state.  Senselessly, violently and without warning.  Bombs on our sidewalks.  I can’t believe it still as I type this.  BOMBS ON OUR SIDEWALKS. The kind of attack I have feared since 9/11. People (including a child) killed and others maimed and fighting for their lives.  Never mind the thousands of people who have made completing this marathon a life goal, something they worked so hard for for so long- stopped in their tracks;  turned away and made to run the other direction, for their lives.  It makes no sense to me, I feel violated on such a deep level. This just doesn’t happen in Boston.

Uneasiness pervades our lives today.  Sadness grasps our hearts. I am unsure what to do. I have no idea what to say.

It makes my faith in humanity waiver. It does, I don’t deny that. But mark my words, the darkness will not win.  IT WILL NOT. There are so many more good people then evil, proven yesterday by the wonderful examples of those running into the carnage to help.  Those offering up rides, jackets, food and their homes to those displaced.   We Bostonians will overcome this, and we will find who did it.

You attacked the wrong town, cowards.




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