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I was delighted to be asked to be featured in the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine again, this time for tips on decorating for Christmas!  My guy Michael J. Lee shot the pictures (and most of my book) and since only two of them were in the article I wanted to share the rest with you (and get a little glimpse at my house in it’s final stages!)

And look little Oliver had his 15 minutes of fame! GO OLLIE!


I seriously LOVE this shot. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It warms my little, black Ebeneezer Scrooge heart. That eBay chair and re-upholstery job was so very much worth it. The greek key drapes are custom made by my main man, Manny Makkas but you can get similar ones here too.  The brass rods are from West Elm!


We got to show up a piece from my line with Jill Rosenwald in this shot, the monogrammed Ritz Tray– a PERFECT gift if I do say so myself!


I delight in my bar bust, and I got her ALL gussied up for the holiday in black and white plaid ribbon and a strand of my pearls! The star ornaments are from Crate & Barrel and I luuuurve them.  (P.S. Find a Rosemary Cranberry Sparkler recipe like in these glasses at the end of the post!)


My wrapping scheme for the year matches the house with black, white, gold and green…. and even leopard! The malachite paper is left over from the wallpaper job I did on the interior cabinets of the bar, but I found another version that IS wrapping paper on Spoonflower!   The stripe paper reverses to the gold dot for double the wrapping fun!


And would you believe it- a reader (and the owner of Pecan Pie Puppies) posting this stack of dog collars inspired by my gift wrap on Instagram?! To say I died is a complete understatement! MALACHITE DOG COLLARS!?!?!? Also bow ties? Ones that match Andrew’s party pants for Xmas? I’m far too excited about this!!!


But for you, a fun cocktail to serve your family and friends:

Rosemary Cranberry Sparkler

1 Cup Cranberry Juice

½ Cup Vodka

2 Tablespoons of Rosemary Simple Syrup


** Combine cranberry juice, vodka and syrup into a shaker filled with ice. Shake to combine and pour into desired glasses. Fill each glass about half full and then top with Champagne. Add desired garnish.

Rosemary Simple Syrup

I cup water

1 cup sugar

few rosemary springs

** Combine water and sugar in a pot and put on medium heat. Once the sugar is partly dissolved put the fresh rosemary sprigs into the mixture. Bring mixture up to a soft simmer and reduce heat to low to allow the rosemary flavor to infuse into the syrup. Let mixture cool after steeping in syrup for 5-10 minutes, depending on the strength you prefer. Strain the rosemary from the syrup and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.



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