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Last weekend I drove out to Waltham, MA in search of a little antique shop called Darby Road I saw an ad for somewhere.  I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest, but I am always in search of new antique sources. Boy was I wrong, this place rocks! Not only is the main shop chock full of interesting vintage finds and custom upholstery but they also have a HUUUUUUUGE warehouse with awesome pieces at big discounts! So worth a trip out if you are in search of furniture and accessories with a little patina.

Some of my favorite finds of the day:

A pair of GORGEOUS lockers, perfect for a boys room and a large scale abstract work in bold colors.

An amazingly long Asian piece topped with a slew of beautiful objects…

I want this horse head SO BAD, it’s almost life size.  I was also charmed by this oil painting of a woman in a blue dress in the entry.

Fell for this pair of butterfly prints too…

FREAKED over this antique sink. Can you even IMAGINE it in a little beach house surrounded by modern open shelving and tile?

Gorgeous iron coat rack and French armoire.

I couldn’t help but think of Ms. Katie Armour when I saw this pug boot scraper. I mean, WHAT? I’d love it on a bookshelf too! (P.S. tons of dog stuff in here. TONS. It’s awesome for us dog freaks)

How incredible is this tufted old upholstered mirror? the fabric is canvas with chippy paint and I WANTED IT SO BAD (you can stop oogling Andrew’s butt now). Another cool equestrian themed mirror I also would not mind owning.

A little vintage bench (this one’s for you Mom)…

These would be so, so beautiful hung on a wall.

Tempted to go now?? :)


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