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Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to tour the new Urban Hounds Hotel. A sleek, chic space that is nicer than some hotels I’ve stayed it…except it’s for dogs only. You all know that I think of my dogs as my furry children, so I spoil them rotten and smother them with love (sometimes so much that I annoy the sh*t out of them and get my face bit ). So when faced with having to leave them when going on vacation I freak out. Usually they get to stay at my parents’ house (a.k.a NanaLand a.k.a. Doggy Heaven) but sometimes Nana is not available- cue major anxiety attack and visions of kennels where they sit in cages all day and cry.  Usually I have Urban Hounds sends someone to stay at our home with the dogs (I told you they were spoiled) but now I can send them HERE!!!! I literally squealed my way through my tour over the incredibly stylish design by Phi Design Group, who made sure the space was aesthetically pleasing to the dogs AND the owners. Anyone (canine or otherwise) can appreciate good style like this!

The gorgeous entry- no anxiety about leaving my babies here!

Can you even stand the cuteness of the apothecary jars full of dog treats? And the turf lined window sills? I DIE.

The windows into the dog suites- complete with TV (Animal Planet, anyone?) and camera so you can check in on then via the web.

This is the small breed boutique suite where little guys can snuggle, sleep and play together. Baxter would give his left paw to get in one of those cubbies. (P.S. that guy on the TV looks like he’s giving potential residents the stink eye, but really he’s just a animal trainer. Not Big Brother).

I mean, can MY kitchen look like this? The dog kitchen and the washing station for grooming are nicer than most people’s places.

Wonder if they’d cut my hair too? I’m actually going to be jealous of Bax and Ollie’s spa days. My salon doesn’t have a huge antique armoire (that I want to steal, BTW)

The indoor park is adorable and spacious and full of high tech cleaning systems to keep the doggy turf clean. Amazing. They are working on completing the outdoor space as well, which will be awesome no doubt.

The upstairs level is going to be an agility and training center! Seriously, I can barely stand this place it’s so cool!

I give it two thumbs up and FOUR (or should it be eight?)  thumb-less paws up. Can’t wait to send Bax and Ollie for an overnight to try it out!


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