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Oh my.
I thought I had a clue of just how big Brimfield is, but I was totally overwhelmed and thrilled to actually experience it! Dad and I did a basic overview of the event- taking 5 hours to quickly go through only about 1/2 the booths. There was a lot of crap- but also a TON of amazing items, and I’m sure even more that we did not get to see. But I am now fully prepared to go back in July or September- armed with running sneakers, backpacks, sunscreen, power bars and possibly 2 days committed to seeing everything. I highly recommend that anyone interested in antiques try to make it up there for a day! I could have filled an entire store full of great stuff if only I had an unlimited budget…that always seems to be my problem! :)

I picked up a couple of good things, as did Dad. Here are some pics of our day!

An awesome, huge chest for the severely OCD and a gorgeous whitewashed cabinet with chickenwire inset (enlarge to see).

More whitewashed goods including a perfect chest and pair of small twin beds that would look beyond darling in a little girl’s room!

Dad bought me the star shaped antique tin mirror! The people watching was, well, AMAZING. I shuld have worn a sign saying “Looking for faux bamboo anything and Jake Gyllenhaal’s phone number”.

The coolest sheep sign and a ridiculously gorgeous LV trunk ($8,900- I tried to convince my dad it was a great investment- no luck).

Awesome set of patio chairs and a very cool stack of wood slab tables.

LOVED these outdoor chairs. I could have a store with just chairs in it, I swear. To the right, this piece would make an absolutely amazing kitchen island! It was sold already, probably to a designer working on a Hampton’s home or crazy awesome loft.

I bought this chair to the left for $50 and am going to paint it a bright, glossy color and reupholster it to use as my desk chair. Score one for me. This mid-century dining table was to die for.

WHY DID I NOT BUY THESE CHAIRS??? Painted white they would have been stunning- especially with those new cushions they already had on them. They were pretty damn pricey though. I did pick up this vintage, Asian fabric printing block for $25. I’ll wire it and hang it somewhere.

A great metal daybed and eiffel style table with marble top.

A pretty reclaimed wood table, big enough to seat 8 and an old doctor’s office human body sign (painted on both sides with parts labeled in calligraphy).

I absolutely should have bought this Lucite bar cart. Got the dealer down to $200 from $350 on it and then choked, fearing Andrew would hate it. Drat. I should have just bought the damn thing.

My dad bought this huge vintage transom window to install on his new barn! To the right a side table I was about to buy when I found out it was already sold! BOOO!

More loveliness.

Framed coral branches, great for a beach house and Dad posing with a garbage robot- or a “garbot”, from Tennessee.


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