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How I despise this icy, snowy weather. I spent yesterday trapped inside working, finally getting back into painting (canvases, not walls!) and OBSESSING over this site. Living, etc. is basically the UK’s version of a Domino/Metropolitain Home/Elle Decor hybrid. It is pure inspiration to someone like me, and I am now considering paying the $150 for a 12 month US subscription- it is that good! The website is genius too- with galleries by room and topic. If you have some free time, it is well worth your while to check it out!

These are only a FEW of my favorite picture from the site.

The dark eggplant/espresso walls make the chartreuse sofa pop.

Using bold, graphic wallpaper on just one wall completely makes a room!

How much do I want this sunny, clean kitchen??

These stairs are pure genius. Although I think I would add a railing for safety’s sake!

I love the hollywood glam factor of this entryway.

A soothing gray paint color is offset by pops of fuschia.

Again, wallpaper on just one section of a room. You won’t even need any artwork!

A freestanding claw foot tub? Sign me up. Paired with a bold, graphic print on the walls makes for a fantastic traditional/modern juxtaposition.

(All images courtesy of living, etc. magazine, United Kingdom)


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