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WHAT THE HELL, Y’ALL??? We have snow. In November. Like a few inches of the stuff.  I am not prepared for this one bit. IN fact I am quite cranky about it. Oliver on the other hand is all “MOM! MOM! DO YOU SEE THIS??!!! SNOOOOOOWWW!” (And yes, I painted my front door black)

So while I try to gather my wits about me to venture outside to the studio here are some cozy accent for self and home to keep you cozy during this icky weather.

1. How funny are these Club Monaco hats? My thoughts exactly.

2. A cozy Kate Spade faux fur infinity scarf to block out the chill.

3. No fireplace? Light this candle and fill your house with the smell of one.

4. Fatwood firestarters– prettier next to your fireplace than Duraflames.

5.  J.Crew cashmere gloves that still allow you to text.

6. A Swans Island wool blanket to keep warm.

7. Vintage lion andirons to dress up your fireplace.

8. I just bought this wine colored J. Crew sweater!

9. A yummy navy velvet and brass chair to curl up in and read.


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