Bummed Blogger.


OK, I already wrote this post and then my computer froze and I lost it all. Completely on par with this past week. Baxter got into something he shouldn’t have and spent 2 days in the doggy ICU in which I thought he would never come out of. As soon as I recovered from that, we go the news that Andrew’s company was shutting it’s doors, followed by his favorite team completely choking in the Final Four (which seemed to upset him more that losing his job). So needless to say, we are feeling a bit like we should just sit here and wait for the locusts to come. I am not feeling very design inspired right now as all my energy is going into figuring out what we are going to do, including wrapping my brain around the fact that moving away is a real possibility now. I know I’ve been complaining for months about wanting to move, but now that it’s a real possibility, my little home here by the pond in cold new england is looking all the more sweet.
So I need some space to breathe and reboot and get myself in a more positive space. My weekend in LA is timed perfectly. Perhaps reading Eat, Pray, Love again is what the doctor ordered (along with lots of yummy wine). So if posts are a bit on the light side this week, I apologize.

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