California Dreamin’


I picked up Western Interiors & Design in the airport in San Fran, seeing as I had read every other magazine being published today. Twice. I had never looked at it before, being a life long east coaster. Not too surprised to find that I really liked it. Especially this house in Corona Del Mar, CA.
I love the juxtaposition of the framed cuts of kelly green vintage wallpaper with the pink and coral accessories and zebra ottomans. Traditional, but really funky.

I would not mind retiring to this view after a hard day of blogging.

The little detail photos really struck me in their individuality and clean, but completely fun, color schemes and variety of styles.

I need to get at least one ghost chair. They just look so damn great against any table! Especially this one, my perennial favorite: the Saarinen Tulip Table.

I’m not big on the natural rattan furniture here, but the bold choice of wall color in the dining room really makes the space. It is a beach house after all.

I quite enjoy this settee in the kitchen instead of the ubiquitous bar stools.

Now for the clencher. The owner of this house is a girl who JUST graduated college. Yeah, let’s just file this one under “Life is Unfair”.

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