Can I Run Away to Vermont?


Being a decorator/writer/stylist person sounds really fun and stress-less. But let me assure you, I have never had a more stressful job in my life. So some days I like to throw hissy fits and declare that i am going to quit and go live a peaceful life somewhere more remote where I don’t exhaust myself by comparing what I do/have/look like to everyone else in this mini-metropolis OR on the interwebs.  I mean, I do a lot, but even I feel like it’s not enough when I see other people in my industry launching product lines and magazines while having their 7th baby and canning organic vegetables for fun while making a four course meal (and photographing it).  I am more the type to eat cereal for dinner and wonder what $6 bottle of wine will go with it best. So I hallucinate that I can  just run off to somewhere with lots of fresh air, wear Patagonia while hiking and writing a book and painting and have ten dogs and GO BAT SHIT CRAZY because I am a high strung perfectionist who can’t even sit and watch TV without also being on the internet working while simultaneously flipping through a magazine. But a girl can dream, right?  Especially after seeing this little adorable spread from House Beautiful about this adorable couple who have design business and wine bar in Vermont and live in this kick ass cottage. It’s that creative, laid back life of my dreams. *le sigh*

(This looks so much like my own bedroom it’s scary)

Oh, and they wrote two books too. Slackers.

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