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Last week while in Napa we had a great dog sitter stay with our boys at our house.  One who didn’t seem to mind my incessant text messages checking in on my little furballs of love (I have separation anxiety when leaving them to a ridiculous degree).  As I wait for our neighborhood dog hotel to open soon, I covet the images from the hip as heck Sniff Dog Hotel in Portland, Oregon.  How fabulous does this place look for those of the four legged persuasion? Hell, it looks pretty good to me too! The beds, modern graphics, signature dishes, large windowed rooms with flat screen TV’s (I would request they play “Bolt” on a loop since Oliver is always transfixed by it) not to mention the 2,000 square foot indoor play space complete with the Sniff Cafe, where dog owners can enjoy a snack and glass of wine while watching their dogs happily romp (genius award). I’d feel pretty relaxed about leaving them to care for Bax and Ollie (plus fancypants Baxter could get a “pawdicure” at the dog spa. He’s high maintenance like that…) It’s a great example about how the attention to design in a space can really make a person feel a sense of security!

Picture 3


Picture 5

Sniff Dog Hotel 3





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