Carrie’s Apartment Renovation!


(Note: Sorry this is so late, Blogger has been down all morning!!!)

Carrie’s apartment before…oh that CLOSET.

If you have not seen Sex and the City and don’t want to know anything at all, not even something completely unrelated to the plot line, then stop reading now! (It kills me to tell you to get OFF my blog…but I respect wanting the element of surprise to remain intact!)
I loved the movie. LOVED. I had was wary at first, the opening scene made me cringe a bit- but man, did it pay off. It was the perfect mix of surprises, laughs, tears and some closure. But what really got me squealing (my movie mate Jen can attest to this) was Carrie’s apartment renovation! As soon as I saw it, I squealed “I need to blog this!!!!” :) We all are so familiar with Carrie’s old apartment, it being the setting for many funny, dramatic and memorable SATC moments, but boy did they do her justice in renovating it!

Here is a great post by Bandelle that shows elements of Carrie’s old place. Comforting and clearly owned by a woman who would rather spend her money on shoes and clothes than furnishings. But still, it was charming. The new and improved Bradshaw residence is just a bit more in line with her fabulously charmed life. I searched the internet high and low for pics of the set, decorated by master production designer Jeremy Conway, and came up empty. But last night I picked up a copy of Traditional Home and lo and behold, there was an article about just this! There aren’t pics of some of the best elements of the new apartment, but you get the drift!

All the walls are painted a gorgeous medium blue hue that unifies her open space. For a similar paint color try Swallow Tail (I painted my guest bedroom this color) or Sanctuary by C2 Paint.

For a graphic rug like Carrie’s, try one from Thomas Paul.

There were a couple mirrored pieces to add a little Hollywood sparkle to the place- like these below, a dressing table from The Well Appointed House, mirrored vanity table from eBay and console from Pieces.

Paired with a black wood chair with antique styling, this one from High Fashion Home.

An upholstered wood frame platform bed for the drama queen to rest her head…this one is from West Elm. And as an inspirational place to sit while crafting her witty columns, Carrie upgraded to a white lacquer desk, like this one, also from West Elm.

The gallery style wall hanging above the bed are great, and it shows how you can mix different color frames into one cohesive collection. Use simple gallery frames, like below, (West Elm again) and fill with a mix of art, prints and personal photographs.

Carrie had a lot of Pop art in her new place, like these prints from the Warhol Collection on The shoes prints are a must for Miss (Mrs.!) Bradshaw!

Undoubtedly, she needs some of the prints from the New York Times photo archives, featuring images of her beloved city…

And perhaps some vintage Vogue covers as well, since she once claimed the magazine fed her better than actual food.

I need to see the movie again to pay closer attention to the room (especially the amazing piece of art she has by her front door!) Who are we kidding, I’m going to see it at least two more times… :)

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