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For serious, y’all, go get it. It’s so good and chock full of so many ways to use the most basic color combo to make rooms look spectacular. In fact, I have abandoned all ideas previously conjured about my new apartment after reading this book cover to cover last night! It’s amazing to see the variety of styles that can be created using a black and white base- glam to country and everything in between. And of course, a dash of color here and there looks even MORE special when set against a monochromatic background!  There is just something so soothing about a restrained palette- after a day filled with paint colors, fabric swatches and patterns I think I would fare best in a space free of ALL that!

With this kind of color palette it’s all about mixing textures! My components for a FABULOUS black and white based room are:

leather + distressed wood + marble + greek key + natural horn + brass/metal + velvet and tufting +sisal + linen + green plants + animal print/hide + black lacquered wood antiques + lucite or glass + skeepskin or flokati + mirror + GREAT ART= FABULOUS.


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