I have had London on the brain lately. Not sure why, but seeing as I’ve never been and it’s only a six hour flight from Boston I feel like I need to make that happen, like, yesterday. Obviously I won’t be going anytime near April 29th, but perhaps late summer/early fall.

As a side note-this royal wedding stuff has gotten out of control. Did you SEE the GE Kate and William refrigerator??? If I go home and see this is my Mom’s house I might pee my pants laughing. I would not put it past my Dad to think this is the ultimate gag gift. The replica Kate/Diana ring seems so amateur now, it’s all about the fridge.

Anywhoo- back to London and my plot to send my future babies to boarding school there so they come home and day things like “mummy, could we have a spot of tea?”. DIE. I’ve figured out where I’d love to stay- The Connaught Hotel. More specifically, The Apartment suite within the hotel designed by David Collins. But seeing as I have yet to win the lottery or become famous I will have to settle for their smallest room. Perhaps the broom closet. Don’t matter, this place is AMAZING. Gwynnie totally agrees.

Those dip dye curtains are insanity. LOVE.

I don’t think I even want to know how much this is a night. I might cry and that is not a good way to start my day.

Oh hi striped chairs on the balcony. I’d like to meet you.

The closet reminds me a little of Carrie’s closet in SATC 1. Those are leather lined shelves and walls. I’d pull my mattress in here and sleep for heaven’s sake.

Some other suites at the Connaught. Love how individual the spaces are!

They used my FAVESIES Schumacher velvet chevron on the chairs. J’adore.

Love that photo above the bed. Been looking for one like that for a project.

I’d love to spend the day shopping and sightseeing in London….

And then pop over to the sister hotel The Berkeley to see the Blue Bar (also designed by David Collins)…

And have their Pret-a-Portea!  Cookies shaped like actual runway items! A Mulberry Bayswater macaroon? Why, I’ll have two. And maybe half of a Burberry trench too.

Then I’d pop back to the Connaught’s bar for a nightcap. Can’t stop looking at the hexagon rug. Bloody hell.

Any London advice, especially the best times to go, are more than welcome!

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