City Mouse in the Country


I love the city life, but sometimes when I spend time in a small town I think I might love that too. At the very least, it inspires me. I spent two nights dog sitting at my parents house alone and has a really lovely time. I did some real estalking, wine drinking, running, relaxing and reading. I found an apple orchard and bought apples, cider and gorgeous pumpkins- I really embraced the “country” in me. :) The crisp October weather in New England reminds me of why I live here. (Check back in February though, when I am cursing it).

A perfect country eveningwine, a view and decorating books (and my Blackberry)!

the “new” driveway really does look fabulous

another house my dad designed

my afternoon in Woodstock at the orchard and stalking some old homes…

The Roseland Cottage is a historic landmark- a gothic revival style summer home built in 1846 (note the adorable icehouse too!)

This house has the cutest little guest cottage next to it…

I was up in the barn and saw this brightly wrapped box- inside were bunches of REALLY old photos of my dad’s side of the family. All the way back to my great, great grandfather.

The pictures are so fabulous and artsy (i hope you can enlarge and see)- I want to use extra wide mats and frame them all in low profile black frames and a do a large photo wall somewhere in my parent’s house!

These little photo flipbooks were a trip- my great grandfather typed commentary on the back of each one- that would be my dad in the middle looking scarily like my brothers.

Also up there were “buying logs” and guides from our family clothing store that my grandfather wrote. His notes here about only buying something you are crazy about or you think your mother or sister would be crazy about rings true for decorating your home as well!

A very cool find- my great, great grandmother’s wedding band. I am taking it to be resized so I can wear it.

And just some things I love- this crackled lamp, the mantlescape with an antler my mom found while walking, this little chair caught int he perfect sunlight.

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