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I wanted to let any Connecticut and New York based designers to know that I’ll be doing a fun talk next week on Thursday May 7th at the Wakefield Design Center for their To the Trade Market Day! We’ll be chatting with the amazing Stacy Kunstel about using social media, blogging and the interwebs to grow your brand and my little story behind taking EOS from a little journal to a best-selling book! Click here for the whole itinerary and RSVP to the address below to attend! I’ll also be doing a book signing afterwards too!
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And while we’re speaking about Connecticut and design I wanted to share these images of the work (and homes) of Lyme, CT based designer Gretchen Mann. Sadly, Gretchen passed away this year, but her work shows such a timeless, enduring quality.  I adore how she modernized her historic cottage home and grew it into a family compound that both respects it’s roots and celebrates modernity too. Take a peek…

The all white palette lets the antiques really shine…


I love how you see the reflection of the stone wall in the large mirror above the sofa- genius placement…



The orange accents in this gorgeous stone walled room really warm things up…


I just LOVE all the texture in here…


Adorable little vignette…


A great example of combining modern, sleek furnishings with rustic elements to create a perfect harmony and dichotomy…


The small stone cottage is the original part of the house and they added on in order to make it livable (it was a one bedroom, one bath residence at the start!)


A great, cozy patio for entertaining and relaxing…


GAH! This space! It’s so good! The beams, the antiques but then the modern chair and kitchen… it all just works beautifully…


I ache to have a home with details like this someday!


The color palette she used in here is so perfect and yet not one I would have thought of initially. Olive green plus seaglass blue and white really works perfectly with raw wood.


An example of why a collected and curated home is SO much better than one that looks like it was bought straight from a catalog (and yet, that buffet is IKEA!!!! Genius!)


What a lovely spot for a glass of wine and a deep breath.


Photos via Architectural Digest and Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.




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