Cottage Envy


God, I miss Cottage Living.
I was flipping through the back issues I’d saved this weekend and felt a big ol’ tear about ready to form…. I loved than damn publication! Looking through those old issues combined with the warm sunny weather and green things popping up in my mini-garden made me want a cottage. But I want one close enough to the city that I can still do stuff.
But I also want to be near water.
And I want it to be a bungalow with good bones.
And it has to be under half a million bucks.
Hmmmm, somehow I think if I typed those parameters into MLS a pop up would flash on screen with the words “you are a delusional idiot”. So instead I played my favorite self-torture game- looking at real estate where it’s actually affordable. In places like the Carolinas, Texas, Georgia, Alabama…where you can get a perfectly adorable bungalow cottage for a reasonable price and places there is probably no chance I’ll move to! I spent two hours this weekend doing that, and I HIGHLY recommend it if you want to depress the hell out of yourself. :)
Anyways, some yummy images from Cottage Living, may she rest in peace (and resurface when this economy decides to leave us alone.)

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