Country Livin’ in the Fall


So glad you guys all freaked about my boot purchase yesterday. I wore those babies all afternoon and unlike most new shoes, they did not hurt one bit. In fact, they felt like I had owned them for years! I am so beyond thrilled with my budget purchase!
As I was talking about them to my girlfriend last night I said “These boots make me want to be all country- and like, build outdoor fires, tend to farm animals and cook pumpkin based things!” Isn’t it funny how an item of clothing can inspire you to crave another life? Or a departure from your own just for a bit? As if perfectly aligned, I then clicked onto the Urban Grace blog and saw this posting about a farmhouse in the Catskills from the NY Times that would go PERFECTLY with my new boots. Because that’s the normal progression… to buy a house that goes with your Target boots.

Another part of my Target Boot Life- owning a country antique shop like the homeowner…

For an amazingly yummy dinner, make (while wearing the Target boots)  Giada’s butternut squash lasagna (I substituted fresh sage for basil and it made it that much better).  I made it once for Thanksgiving and it was INCREDIBLE.

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