Cut It Out


I always announce that I “hate Valentines Day”. I don’t know why because that’s a lie. I secretly love Valentines Day. Flowers and chocolate and pink and red…what’s not to love? Sure, it’s a commercialized holiday and kind of bullshit, but there is something just lovely about having a day full of frivolity and hugs. This year I’m planning a very small dinner party for a few time-tested couples instead of a night out alone with the hubs.  Inspired by Julia Child’s Valentine’s parties in Paris, I plan to cook something fabulous, serve lots of pink bubbly, decorate so it looks like Valentines Day threw up all over my dining room (more on that later) and just celebrate. I am probably the least mushy, sappy, lovey-dovey girl alive (just ask Andrew) so I can’t deal with staring into someone’s eyes while they read me poetry. I start gagging and giggling. Which is why I am LOVING these Valentines cards by Storey Shop. Funny, hand crafted, modern day proclamations of love! A bit pricey, but like little works of honest art!  The best part? You can customize them if you don’t see one that suits you.

For me, they might read:

“I love you more than my Blackberry”

“I love you more than blogging”

“I love you more than Twilight”

“I love you more than yoga”

” I love you more than Elle Decor”

This one actually suits me really well too:


This one would be great for my brothers to give their ladies. Also available in “Xbox”:


There is no better card made for my Dad to give my Mom than this:


And for her to give him back:


Appropriate for just about every girl I know:il_430xN.109201081

I also know a few people that these would suit really well:


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