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What have you DONE to my dear Tom Brady?!? You’ve taken a perfect specimen of male hotness and made him into some long maned girly man! What the HELL? When I opened up People.com and saw this most recent picture I let out a cry of disgust. Please let him go back to being a corn-fed, California raised*, Superbowl winning football playing DUDE who doesn’t ride a bike down Comm Ave with a Yorkie in the basket (it’s true, he does this)!



* when I said “mid-western” before I meant his time at Michigan. I know he was raised in California- I was a teensy bit obsessed with him back in the good ol’ days (I slept in his jersey for a good two years and when I met him in a bar it was like staring into an eclipse for an hour.) Just sayin’…..


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