Decoding Inspiration Images


Nothing is more helpful for us as designers than a client who comes armed with loads of inspiration images. But sometimes people get intimidated by how to choose imagery that accurately reflects what they are hoping for in a space. Many feel that the images they show us have to be of the same type of room we’re working on, but that’s not true at all.  It’s all about certain aspects of a room, or a feeling conjured by the space, that’s important- not that the sofa, rug and wall color are all what you like exactly. Perhaps it’s the overall mix of antiques and modern pieces, or the way a certain color combination feels to you.  Being literal is not necessary, and it may just be “I like how this room makes me feel”.  We can work with obtuse emotional reactions to a space the same way we can use an inspirational antique to find something more affordable.

Here’s a good example- I saw this image the July issue of Architectural Digest and  I LOVE this situation- the bold color mixed with neutrals, antiques and modern pieces combined and the use of accessories (I, however, cannot explain why this girl is sitting like this …)

But I liked the idea of this scheme as a bedroom instead of a living area. And so I pulled together a scheme using the aspects of this room I loved but in pieces for a bedroom. Things I specifically liked:

*the light wood tones and natural textures

*the nailhead and white antique style chairs

*the mix of modern and traditional, as well as mix of soft curves and straight lines

*the serene vibe

So here is a bedroom using these points as a map for the decor:

drapes // dresser// bed // rug // nightstands // chair // bust // tray // geode // lamp // bedding // art // faux fur stool // lumbar pillow // floral pillow // chair pillow

Just a little illustration of how we work!  Hope you found this helpful! And now I want to redo my bedroom :)





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