(Delayed) Fashion Friday: Grey Gardens


I had heard a few mentions of the film “Grey Gardens” over the years, but really had no idea what it was about, other than some crazy ladies in an old house. Well, a few months ago I finally rented it. Fascinating. These women, Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale (relatives of Jackie O) were grand ladies of society who had lost their marbles (and money) and lived in this decaying, huge East Hampton estate and were filmed for this documentary. The house has since been completely renovated by the owner of the Washington Post, and they’ve done and amazing job to restore it’s original beauty (once you see the film, these pictures will impress you!)

Little Edie went to “Farmington” with Jackie O, and her mentions of it in the film tickled me, since I went there too. But one of the coolest Grey Gardens finds I came across (in Harper’s Bazaar, no less) is the new Grey Gardens Collections– jewelry and some housewares inspired by those owned by Little Edie Beale. She was an “it” girl before her stumble into Crazyville–totally stunning and quite the fashion plate! She had quite the collection of baubles, and so a member of her family has taken them and had them replicated.

The jewelry that inspired the collection:

Below are some of the finds from the site. The gold cuff is to die for, and naturally, already on backorder (it’s only $45!).

The velvet cuffs will set you back a bit more, but are totally unique and would make an outfit! Plus jewelry with a back story is always so much more glamorous!

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