Design Crush: Celerie Kemble!


OK, so I just got back from my little Celerie lecture and am in awe. She is so balanced and healthy in her approach to decorating- not to mention TALENTED AS HELL. She spoke about pleasing clients, combining high and low (love that she put a $3,500 table top in a $99 Ikea table base!), decorating out of her comfort zone and much more.
Julie and I went back to the Schumacher showroom for the meet and greet amongst her new fabric line and met her and she was so unaffected, so friendly- munching on mini quiche telling us about how her house is “a mess” and that she can’t afford the same things she recommends to her clients. I almost forgot WHO she was speaking with her, as she seemed like she could just be a girlfriend, but then I glanced at the book she was holding and, oh yeah, it had her name on the cover. Hello.
Anyways, it was such a pleasure to meet such a successful woman in this business who was simply put, so cool.

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