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I posted this picture on Monday regarding what I think will be “in” for this year.  But I wanted to go beyond this picture into the designer behind it and my new obsession (probably so late to the game on this one) Furlow Gatewood.  I received the new book by the staff of Veranda for Xmas (get it) and I fell madly in love with it- particularly Mr. Gatewood’s home, which I had seen before but never really paused to examine.  But when I did– my mind was blown and I had to know more. So I ordered his book (coming any day now!) and dug into the interwebs to see more.


Mr. Gatewood is besties with Bunny Williams and has worked with her antiques dealer husband John Rosselli for decades.  You may recognize this shot of the entrance to his home from Bunny’s last book– this image stopped me in my tracks (he also raises peacocks, because he is THAT cool.)


He has four homes on his land in Georgia, many of which were moved there from other locations.  The one below was sawed in HALF and put back together on his property.  I adore that he saves old, beautiful architecture and makes it new again. A man after my own heart.


His look is HIS, and he is not one to stray from what he loves.  His spaces are a testament to the golden rule of decorating “if you absolutely LOVE it, you will find a place for it in your home”.  No apologies, no careful editing.  A very personal way to decorate in a way that tells visitors all about your life.


From what I’ve read, over the last few decades the only thing that has really changed in his homes are the paint colors on the walls– from yellows and reds to grey and white.  A simple change such as that can give new life to well loved pieces and update a space without trashing everything you have a starting over.


Just OBSESSED with this carved wood brick detail he had made for the interior of his Gothic home.


He loooooves his doggies. Which makes me love him even more.  Each home on his property is a little different– as you can see in the image below, this one has a warmer, more casual, cozy feel.


I mean, how of the moment does this space look and yet i bet he’s had most everything here for as long as I’ve been alive?  A little John Robshaw ikat added to all these antiques brings such life and modern edge to a sunny screened in porch!


More proof that classic good looks are ALWAYS in style.


I love his compositions- busy but not cluttered. Imperfect in symmetry and yet perfectly wonderful.


The architectural detail is beyond words.


These walls, those old doors. Such beauty.


I find it interesting how his spaces are a mix of ornate and casual and it just works.


More proof that big windows are everything.


And again– look at the fabulous woodworking. Bananas.


While Furlow’s a staunch proponent of collecting over time and not tossing the old for the sake of something new– there are ways to start adding this look to your home. A mix of antique pieces found on Etsy and OKL with new items that are clean and simple (or antique inspired!)


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