Design Crush: Mary Evelyn McKee


Recently I find that I’ve been reverting to my roots of traditional decor.  Having been raised in a traditionally decorated home and being daughter of a traditional style designer, most of my life I thought it was the ONLY way to design.  After working for a polar opposite, super modern urban designer I found myself settling into a place where I most enjoy a combination of the two.  Then I swung a little more heavily towards the modern sensibility, but as of late I find myself drawn back to classic shapes, textures and fabrics.  It’s so calming to me.  Which is why I am very much admiring the work of Birmingham designer Mary Evelyn McKee right now.  What a master of classic looks! While lucite is delightful, sometimes there’s nothing like some ornate antique brass to make you feel at home.

This kitchen/living room is the stuff my dreams are made of. Add a library ladder and you could stick a fork in me, because I’d be DONE.

Magical lighting and an even more magical banquette. Banquettes, especially tufted ones, are a drug to me.

Calgon, take me away.

A gracious entryway.

I’ve had this kitchen in my inspiration folder for years, never knowing who the designer was. I love the farm table serving as both an island and casual dining spot. And don’t even get me started on that stove.

I would love to know who the artist is that did that painting in the butler’s pantry. The stark contrast of it’s moodiness with the crisp white and sleek steel drives me BONKERS, I tell you. BONKERS.

GAH! Where do I even begin? The grey cabinets? Chicken wire? Or the fact that this is part of the beloved white kitchen above??? I can’t deal, it’s too good.

A dramatic bedroom that I would have given away all my Barbies for as a little girl (I always wanted a bed with curtains).  The pop of pink velvet on those chairs MAKES the room.

Exposed wood beams make me smile. A lot.

I put that little Hickory Chair chair in a master bathroom a while ago and it’s still such a favorite of mine.  This room is sweet but glam.

Luuuuuurve the print curtains and the wall color.  Paingting the trim the same color as the wall creates a very soothing look.

Amazeballs headboard. Love the color scheme too. And MORE BEAMS!

Another kids space I would have sold my little brother for. Genius.

What about you guys? Are you more traditional or modern…or a mix of both?

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