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You probably ( along with me) drooled over the spread in Arch Digest last year of Meg Ryan’s loft in Manhattan. The beautiful mix of rustic, traditional and luxurious was concocted by designer Monique Gibson, a celebrity decorator who flies a little bit under the radar (as I just discovered a bulk of her work yesterday!)  I absolutely loved her portfolio of work and wanted to share it with you in case you too had not heard of her before.

This space below is her “atelier” in NYC where she operates her business out of.  Can I please have an “atelier”? I guess thats what you get when your first big design client was Elton John!

This is her office upstairs. Amazing. The blue walls and the marble mantel are kind of everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

Also the scenic mural in the hall?

Yeah, it’s not even funny it’s so good.

I adore the rustic but refined feel of this bedroom.

And this bananas space that just ACHES to host me, a big glass of wine and a stack of unread magazines.

Meg Ryan’s loft kitchen….

And incredible draped bed (someday, my pretty…)

It’s just so collected and rich without being pretentious (even though it probably costa  zillion dollars!)

She also designed John Mellencamp’s South Carolina vacation home (which appears to have originally been a church)

Is Rustic Drama a thing? Because that is what this is.

Simple and yet utterly wonderful.

How cozy a spot would this be for a casual dinner party?

The drapes in this bedroom slay me. They are probably a wonderfully luxe wool/cashmere, perhaps blended with unicorn fur, because the way they drape is like WOAH.

And on the bed side, a little bit of custom heaven….

LOVE this mirror. Just love. And the art. And the fireplace. And all the white. I wish I could live in a space this pristine.

Oh, hello kitchen of my dreams.

Nice to meet you. (This picture makes me weak in the knees)

This is the opposite of where I ate breakfast this morning. This looks much, MUCH better.

And she also works her magic in children’s spaces.

That wallpaper? WOW. (Although I’m not a huge fan of the exposed bulb sconce).

Another Manhattan project with that wonderfully casual feel (that is hard to achieve, much like the no-makeup-but-with-makeup look).

(P.S. Am I the only one driven crazy by the fact that the roman shades are not level for this picture?)

Rich detail, a signature of Moniques work.

You can see more on her website. I had so much fun reading about each of her projects and learning more about each process.  Looking at portfolios like this make me inspired to be a better designer and do more in my own work while simultaneously making me feel like an utter failure. :)  But it always good to be motivated to learn from talents like this in order to evolve in your own work and spaces. :)


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