Design Crush: Rose Uniacke



(Dying to wear a tulle skirt with a tee shirt and total nonchalance? Try this one)

As I think about redoing aspects of my house (partly to keep Henry from killing himself, partly to streamline and edit my life of unnecessary clutter and noise) I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere.  And I found a big dose of it in the work of British designer Rose Uniacke.  A talent for sure, with a discerning eye and a tightly edited look, she finds a way to combine rustic and clean, antiques and modern and color and uniform paleness into a fabulously chic result.

Rose Uniacke interiors

I adore this space with it’s chartreuse drapes.  It takes a brave client to let you do something so bright, but it SO paid off (as most risky decisions do when it comes to designing!)


Of course black and white never gets old. Ever.

Hall 2

Granted, having the architectural backdrop her own home does certainly helps.


I love this charming room- and found a bed JUST like this at Anthropologie (see the end of this post).


Antique chandeliers are a huge element of her design, this one sings above a freestanding marble tub (that I would sell a vital organ to take a bath in!)

A more tailored, masculine feeling space.




Oh to have an old home in London, huh?


This room is bananas.  And I absolutely adore how the abstract art looks in such a historied space with so much traditional detail.


Letting the light do the talking.


The stacked wood adds such interesting texture to the space here.

Living 1E_2

That black canvas is just like, bam. And it works.


Personally, I would have pulled the rug half under the bed.  But this room still looks oh so peaceful.

Rose Uniacke's home in London

Her personal style slays me too- simple, modern but classic and never, ever fussy.  All hail.


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.53.59 PM


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.53.42 PM

Replicating this style doesn’t come cheap- but with a little legwork (i.e. scouring sites like Etsy, Chairish & eBay), combing through antique fairs and combining those patina-ed finds with some smart, streamlined purchases you can make this work in your home!


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