Design Crush: Wes Anderson Films


I have a thing for Wes Anderson movies. One of my favorite movies of all time is The Royal Tenenbaums– it is so dryly funny and the styling of the sets and costumes are just impeccably cool. Over the weekend I rented The Darjeeling Limited, Wes’ newest film and I LOVED it. The bright colors of India and the witty, weird humor was so spot on. I especially loved all the colors and patterns seen on the train- tons of turquoise and burnt orange!

But the most jawdropped scenery was anything with the luggage in it!!! This luggage that they carry everywhere was design by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton especially for the film and I would seriously consider cutting off an appendage for a piece of it. Orange-y leather with embossed palm trees and animals and a monogram and number on each piece- plus some killer bright colored linings. Can we say “obsessed”? The luggage was auctioned off for charity- I wonder what lucky duck got it…

Some images of decor that remind me of this film:

Above from: Marie Claire Maison, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Living Etc.,Desire to Inspire, Domino

For indian inspired goods and fabrics check out Roberta Freymann (and Roberta Roller Rabbit), Les Indiennes and John Robshaw.

I popped in The Royal Tenenbaums (again) last night and recalled how much I adore the pink walls in the Tenenbaum house- the whole thing has a very WASP-y gone awry look to it. The bright pink walls and dark trim, the clutter of books and collections, the gallery walls of children’s art work and taxidermy…

Everything Miles Redd seems to be in the style of this film- even the exterior of his townhouse below reminds me of the Tenenbaums! Along with a couple Miles shots are some more Tenenbaum-esque interiors:

Like the luggage in Darjeeling, the one thing that really caught my eye was the zebra wallpaper in Margot’s room. Turns out, it was inspired by a paper on the walls of a New York restaraunt Gino’s and was re-issued by Scalamandre! Kate Spade used the green version in her guest bathroom below- I die.

Speaking of Margot, how cool in Gwyneth in this role? I adore her…
If you haven’t seen either movie, give them a shot! :)

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