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How many times have we been told you cannot put a bed in front of a window? Probably by people in my very own profession too. It’s one of those old school rules that are made to be broken.  Sometime you have no choice, especially in tight city living, than to place a bed in front of a window- but sometimes even in large spaces it’s just the ideal spot and as you can see from the pictures below- it can be a dramatic and fabulous!

This amazing pelmet box and drapes create a sort of high headboard/canopy for the bed framing that window perfectly.  Who would argue that this looks bad?  Symmetry is key here, so make sure if you are going to put your bed in front of a window or windows that it lines up in pleasing, balanced way.

Little Green Notebook’s Jenny is queen of DIY and she has a great tutorial on making your own pelmet boxes for those of you who are unable to afford the custom job above (99% of you probably, including yours truly)

But there are other drapery styles that create perfect backdrops for beds while being function coverings for windows too.  This layer of bamboo shades and high hung drapes (please never hang your drapes low- promise me) works wonderful and the fact that it goes from wall to wall makes it look luxurious and purposeful.

Holy custom window treatments, Batman. This set up by Chloe Redmond is stunning- placing the bed in front of a bay window in such a gorgeous way!  Even if there is a blank wall in the room big enough for the bed, I so prefer this!

A cleaner, simpler look that works due to the symmetry of the lamps and paintings hung on each side. Take note.

One single continuous sheer (again hung high- a rule NOT to be broken) works as well too.  Such an ethereal look that may be masking a yucky view while allowing light to filter in.  I this case you might want remote controlled black out shades on the window as to not have to disturb the drapes every evening.

Even Ballard shows beds i front of windows, do you know it’s kosher to do so!

Even dramatic canopy beds work- in this case because of that great mirror as a focal point.

I would have said that only dramatic drapery work in this case, but then I came across this image of romans that totally make the grade. Again, drama and symmetry are the name of the game.


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