Dirty 30….


In a mere 3 weeks I will be turning 30. I am not scared of this at all, actually, I happen to think my 30’s will be far superior to my 20’s. In honor of this milestone, I’m having a little paaaarrrtttaaayyyy. Naturally. And being me, I of course had to dork out and do an inspiration board as I planned it. So for lack of a better post this morning, here is what my party will look like in my head. How it actually turns out, we’ll see. But how can you miss with lots of hot pink, orange, candles, twinkle lights, Blue Ribbon BBQ, good friends and sangria? I mean, really.

And then a few weeks later I get to celebrate again with Andrew – wandering the streets, cafes and shops of Paris!

(even though I still lust for this. Am hideously greedy little monster.) ;)
I know Paris will be better than my watch. Always time to get a watch, right? Pun intended.

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