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I’ve been enamored of Sara Ruffin Costello for a while now- she of Domino creative director fame and this living room- probably the room most associated with her former employer:


Apparently I am ridiculously clueless because I had no idea her husband was my FAVORITE interiors/lifestyle photographer Paul Costello. As if the living room + clever husband wasn’t enough to conjure some lifestyle lust, I then find out their West Village home in on the market– the one with the kitchen that is featured in the Domino book…… for $13 million bucks! Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?! I still find it baffling and amazing when couples in their mid-thirties own homes with price tags like that. I did the mortgage calculator on that sale price just to amuse myself- and even if you could scrounge up the $2.5 million down payment- your monthly mortgage payment would be about $60,000. Am I the only one whose mind is blown by that number?

Anywhoo- here is the home. My question is…if you lived here, why would you EVER want to leave?






Picture 101bed.large3

1177618_127721_lWonder if they are selling it furnished? :)


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