Dorm Disaster Revisited!

When my freshman year roommate Laura (also a blogger) sent me this picture of our dorm room and asked me to do a post with her redesigning it I thought it was a great idea. And I was absolutely HORRIFIED by what I saw. I cannot remember it looking like this- a tapestry with Ralph Lauren floral bedding? Stacked plastic crates? Had I not gotten contacts yet? UGH! What I do remember was that it was the smallest dorm room in history! There wasn’t Target, IKEA and the like to allow us to decorate cleverly on a budget. So here is my room re-do utilizing all the amazing resources out there today for parents and kids looking to make their dorm rooms look lovely without going broke (after all, in true college fashion, you’ll want to throw oout most of it at the end of the year from it’s pure nastiness).
A pair of large graphic chinoiserie (removable) wall decals would go on the slanted ceiling to make it feel like there were birds and branches overhead. No damage to the wall and a clever way to make a room like this look beautiful and custom! I’d use this one in brown with pink birds.
Instead of the ubiquitous college futon I would splurge on this daybed from West Elm (using the school provided twin mattress to save $$) so it could serve as a sofa for friends as well as a bed- leaving plenty of room underneath for underbed storage, which I really needed!
I obviously was in need of more storage than just underbed, so I’d get this Expedit bookcase and put it on the floor lengthwise next to the bed under the slanted ceiling so it could serve as a nightstand and a place to put books and stuff- I’d add a few baskets to conceal clutter. I’d also top it with a cute little light for reading and homework
 Can you believe this adorable orange and white trellis bedding is from Walmart?
These gorgeous throw pillows from Etsy are made of vintage dress fabric and are $40! Love them!And with some solid pink pillows from Target they would make a lovely little ensemble!
 To feel cozy on the feet on those chilly New England mornings in the old drafty dorm, a sheepskin rug

A graphic Audrey canvas would go on the wall above the bed in homage to my style guru.  Laura mentions that we would probably both have Robert Pattinson posters up considering we both are obsessed with Twilight, even as 30 year olds. I would vote that we go all the way and get the life size stand up cut out to share. So he could serve a purpose (as all items in a small room should) we could use him to keep all our necklaces and scarves on. Thanks Rob!

This fun little mirror would go above the desk to assist in primping for a night out on campus and nearby a little zebra (it is ME after all) bulletin board for pics and reminders.

Thanks for the post suggestion Laura (her room redo here)- I only WISH our room could have looked like this then!

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