Dream Life on Patina Farm


I have long been following Velvet & Linen,  the blog of designers Brooke and Steve Gianetti, and marveled at the process of building  their incredible home in Ojai, California called Patina Farm.  And now it’s  complete and a book!   One that may lead you to dream, like I have,  of a beautiful alternate life full of vintage French wood doors, elegant chicken coops, glass walled showers and baby goats.  Oh, so many baby goats. Let’s go visit the farm….


My hallucinatory life on Patina Farm begins in this foyer where I welcome my guests in to admire my vintage doors and arching plaster ceilings and overall ridiculously amazing life.


I spend all my free time (because in this dream I have so much free time) baking pies with the fruit from my own trees and watching Jean George (my personal chef- hey this is a fantasy) whipping up my dinner while I sip wine and laugh, because Jean George is just such a ham.


Doing dishes in this window would be so much more pleasant. But lets face it, in my dream life I would not be needing to do dishes.


This is where I’d hang out and binge watch Netflix.  Oh, and read very cerebral books, of course.


And when I’m bored with that space, I will move into this room to read People magazine in peace.


Is it time for  my rowboat picnic? Wonderful, I’m famished.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.44.32 AM

I’d write my blog here- in front of more incredible vintage doors.  I feel I’d be a better writer here for certain.


And then I’d retire here to take afternoon naps while I listened to birds chirp and breathe in the scent of fresh lavender wafting through the windows.


Followed by a long bath here. I mean, really… this is pure design gold.


And then I’d meander down to the “farm” for some “glarming” (my new term for glamour farming).


DONKEYS Y’ALL. These would be Henry’s little friends, named Francois and Grenouille (because they are French, obviously. If I could get custom made striped donkey Breton shirts  for them to wear then it would be even better.)


Oh, and did I mention GOATS. My goal in life is to have baby goats- especially ones like these that look so adorable munching on my perfect kumquat trees.


Of course my potting shed would be nicer than a lot of peoples kitchens. :)


And I’d sit here as the sun goes down with some nice wine as I beckon my baby goat nanny to bring the kids (ha!) round for goodnight kisses.

But you really don’t have to embellish on Patina Farm, it is spectacular as it is. And this book is such a wonderful escape! Congrats to Brooke and Steve on a job very well done!

P.S. Dad, if you are reading this I will bring you my copy to see this weekend :)

Photographs by Lisa Romerein courtesy of Gibbs Smith

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