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How have  not blogged about Stacy and her fabulous Dunes & Duchess line yet? And I thought I had nothing to say today….

Stacy is one of the most delightful people I’ve met through this whole blog world hoopla and one of the most talented too (not to mention, can I raid her closet? thanks.) Anywhoo, she and her fella, the mega-talented photographer Michael Partenio (seriously, could there be a vacuum of talent created by these two? Like the whole world implodes because it’s just too much?) created a line of home goods called Dunes & Duchess.  I have used their glossy, lacquered candelabra in one of my photo shoots and see one every day in the window of Hudson when I walk the pups.  One day I’ll have one on my sideboard- or a pair on my dining table, but until then here are some images to get you hooked as well:

How about this HUGE hurricane version?? A pair on a long outdoor dining table would be INSANE.

Loving the new lighting too!

Possibly even cuter than their products is the house they are renovating on Martha’s Vineyard that has quite the past! When I saw this first image I squealed over how friggin’ CUTE this house is! I think there is a talent in seeing the potential of a run down home that has fabulous bones. I recall going to see an amazing, abandoned Royal Barry Wills house on the shore here near Boston and while a lot of people would see a leaky roof, broken windows and overgrown shrubbery I saw as it would look renovated.  Too bad we didn’t want to live so far from the city…. but a second home is especially great for this kind of project since you don’t have to LIVE through a renovation daily.

They are updating their adventures with their house and their products on their blog HERE. Check it out!

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