E of S Hotlanta Style!


My trip to Atlanta was such a blast- I wish I could have stayed longer! Having a city that large and spread out makes it hard to hit all the spots you suggested and I had on my list (not one single clothing store this time around- which my wallet is thankful for!) Guess I’ll HAVE to return! Here’s a little recap of some of the great places we visited!

We started our visit with lunch at JCT Kitchen & Bar which was perfection- from the crisp Napa Valley-esque decor, to the delicious food and huge jug of Lemonheads at the exit.

I would have taken a slew of pictures at Star Provisions has I not been yelled at by the staff to not do so. A fantastic spot for gifts for home and table and home to one of Atlanta’s finest restaurants Bacchanalia.

At Terra Cottage I found these amazing plates and serving dishes by Manhu Designs. Custom imprinted with monograms, they would make an truly special wedding gift!

B.Brathwaite is just about the most gorgeous baby store ever. When that time comes, I think I’ll be registering here and here alone!

One of the most exciting spots we visited was Savvy Snoot– labeled a home consignment shop, it’s really a fabulous antique store with tons of vintage finds that made my knees buckle.

I could furnish a whole house in about 5 hours in Bungalow Classic. I was so enamored with things that I forgot to take pictures except for one of my brother Mike on his dream couch (super deep for he and his wife, who are both very tall!)

And then I finally got to visit my favorite shop of all time, Pieces. It was so wonderful to be able to see the things in person that I’ve been coveting and blogging about for years. Smaller than you might expect, but every inch is so perfectly curated you can spend forever going through the place.

We visited South of Market, which was huge and stocked to the gills with amazing upholstered pieces, unique tables and lighting and gorgeous accessories.

I would love to use these lamps over a beach house kitchen island!

Why is there not a Room & Board in Boston?? I hope they consider putting one there at some point- although it probably won’t be in as cool of a space as the one we visited. It was actually distracting to have such amazing architecture surrounding the furniture!

we stopped by the new St. Regis hotel for lunch and I was transfixed by the elevators!

Dinner at Kevin Rathbun Steak was awesome- I had the most spectacular halibut dish I’ve ever eaten!

what really kills me is the real estate in Atlanta- the side streets filled with adorable renovated bungalows! All for the same amount or less than we paid for a condo in Boston! Why do I live here again? Oh right, Boston is pretty awesome. :)

A big thanks to Mike and Jill for hosting me!

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