Eat, Pray, Sell Out?



I have pontificated on this blog numerous times about my adoration for Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat, Pray, Love.  It is my personal bible of self discovery, bravery, humor, introspection and writing.  When I heard it was being made into a movie I was pretty excited. When I heard they cast Julia Roberts as Liz I was truly disappointed. But now, I am a little bit appalled by the mass commercializing and merchandising of it. Everywhere I look there is Eat, Pray, Love merchandise- tea, fragrance, pillows, jewelry, clothing, trips, you name it, they’ve slapped EPL on it and assumed that women will but anything related to it.  To me, this book, and even the movie, don’t jive with merchandising at all.  It’s not like this is Transformers, or even Sex and the City, where material goods are relevant to the story.  This is a story about self-discovery, inner landscapes, emotional struggles and personal relationships.  How does one make a perfume of that? Does Eat smell like pizza? Does the tea taste like self-doubt and tears? I don’t get the correlation, and frankly, am a bit surprised Gilbert agreed to this exploitation of her book. I know, EPL has a massive captive market of women with money to spend, and she and everyone involved in the mind-blowing success of it need and want to make money off it.  It keeps many people employed and fed, and I don’t deny their desire to keep the gravy train running. But this was taken too far in my opinion.  Am I totally off base here?

Let’s take a look at just a little of what’s out there:

HSN has a MASSIVE Eat, Pray, Love store, sorry, shopping experience. Some of the items correlate, some don’t at all. Like, how are these over the knee boots and bag related to the book? Did I miss something?


There is something about EPL shower gel that just pisses me off.


Slapping the EPL label on normal Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss? No dice.


Ok, this bedding is kinda cute in it’s Suzani-ness, but the book cover pillow, not so much.


Jewelry, both literally translated and loosely.


Cost Plus World Market has another Eat, Pray, Love store with these items.




Dogeared did a line of jewelry, which I actually think has some cute pieces what are so much more subtle and pretty.




I am going to a pre-screening of the movie on August 10th and will be sure to post my full review for you all!

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