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This week I got a text from a close girlfriend of mine going through a tough break-up with her boyfriend- who turns out, is quite possibly the cad of the century. She jokingly said “Hey, can you Fashion Friday me up an outfit that says ‘eat you heart out’?” I laughed and then thought- hell, why not? Who HASN’T had a time in their life when they wanted to wear a fierce outfit that makes you look so good (but not like you are trying too hard-god forbid) that if you ran into your ex it would make him writhe painfully in regret? Bingo- we’ve all been there. So here’s my choice for a “suck it, you loser” outfit for a night out with the girls.  This knee length nude dress looks modest enough from the front, but is open backed to reveal just enough skin without looking trashy.  Topping it off with a destroyed denim jacket dresses it down in a cool way, as does adding some leopard heels that say “on the prowl”. Sexy dangly earrings, a stack of boho bangles, a cool as hell clutch, a smokey eye/nude lip and slightly messy , loose hair finish it off- making you the perfect combination of sexy/cool/fun/low maintenance. And don’t forget about a blush-worthy pair of undies- Spanx are the antithesis of sexy, so forgo them. Knowing you have something pretty on underneath all that other prettiness helps your confidence. Trust me.

Eat Your Heart Out


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