Ebay Art


I have been wary of purchasing things off eBay ever since an experience a few years back of shelling out decent money for an authentic Gucci “Jackie O” bag, only to recieve a “Fucci” Jackie O bag made entirely of plastic and faux leather. But I have been poking around lately (mostly looking for antique chinese chippendale dining chairs that apparently do not exist) and have been amazed at the selection of wonderfully talented artists using this modern day flea market to sell their works. Today I absolutely fell head over heels for Neil and Karen Hollingsworth, a couple from Atlanta whose talents are awe inspiring to a frustrated painter like myself.

I am eagerly creating my new Pay Pal account to be able to bid on Neil’s espresso cup painting for my kitchen….so even though I gave out this tip, no one try to outbid me! But do sign onto eBay and search through the gems they have available for cheap! Real artwork is so much better than a framed poster you still have up from your college dorm room.

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