eBay Chairs: My Addiction


I could spend HOURS looking for great chairs to refinish on eBay. My husband thinks I may have a “sickness”. There are a frightening amount of chairs in our home (and basement) awaiting a fresh coat of paint and upholstery in order to be sold in my fictitious “online store” (someday, I swear, I’ll have one). This morning I got a little fix, and decided to share some finds since I am cut off from purchasing until I sell the ones I have.

These Bergere chairs are so unique- re-upholstered they would be a magnificent little seating pairing!

Picture 14

The lines on these chairs are MAGNIFICENT- another case of reupholstering and painting the legs! Maybe a bold print like Chiang Mai Dragon or Imperial Trellis?

Picture 15Picture 16

How amazing is this set of ornate carved dining chairs? Around a really clean lined modern wood farm table they would be INSANE. I love them-especially perhaps if painted a great color???

Picture 17Picture 18If faux bamboo and caning is more your thing, check out these babies. Again, alittle paint and perhaps a cushion made for the seat and you’ve got a lovely set for a small round dining table.

Picture 19Nothing beats a pair of x-benches for extra seating in a small space- place them under a console or flanking a fireplace when not in use. These are cheap and could be re-upholstered in something really fun!

Picture 20

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