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I realized this morning I have yet to explain exactly what my new little company Element Interiors has to offer beyond the blog. So here is a little bit about my approach to design and how I work:

The purpose of starting this company was to cater to what I believe to be is an underserviced market: young professionals who are too busy to decorate or don’t have an interest in it but want thier living space to relect them and functions in a way that makes sense within thier life. This encompasses people buying their first or second condo or first house but also those renting apartments who want to give it character without losing their security deposits! Hiring a “designer” can be intimidating, many have minimum requirements for jobs and so the common folk finds the idea daunting and intimidating.

So here I am! Friendly, approachable, flexible and ready to help!

I love the challenge of working within a budget because there is so much good design out there that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I want to listen to what you want out of your space and furniture, how you live within your home and most importantly what makes you happy!

So if you want help just buying new furniture, advice on paint colors, window treatments, rearranging your current furniture to work better for you, adding some accessories to spice it up or redo a place top to bottom, give me a call!

I also have a deep love for event design (and some great experience). I would love to help anyone design the look and style of any event: wedding, dinner party, birthday celebration…you name it! From flowers to centerpieces and invitations, I am your girl.

I charge an hourly fee and a percentage markup on any wholesale goods (which still provides you with a discount over retail-lucky you.)

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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