Element Shops: New Picks from Viva Terra


I absolutely love this catalog. The photography and product styling is amazing, but the products themselves are pure genius in their eco-consciousness and style. Here are some of my favorite new items from them:

This bag is made from the same embroidered fabric as the much beloved Otomi fabrics from Mexico. So chic and unique with any outfit!

Recycled glass parfait glasses- amazing on a summer dining table.

Recycled glass wine decanter and glass set. Modern and stunning.

For anyone who needs wall art for a large blank space, I am loving these wall hangings made from wood. Imagine painting them a color to match your decor- above a bed or couch!

I would love a peaceful little Ecosphere for my desk. Very stylish and very zen.

Ginko leaf linen pillows. Crisp and cool.

Himalyan salt votives- they give off gorgeous soft light and release ions into the air similar to those after a summer rainstorm. Isn’t that amazing? I love the smell of the air after a storm.

Recycled metal garden stool.

Vetiver laundry basket. Vetiver is a natural material that deodorizes the smell of soiled clothing. Double duty- and so pretty!

A fabulous fire pit!

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