Element Shops: Walmart–you can stop laughing now.


I know you are thinking “This girl calls herself an interior designer and she’s shopping at Walmart?” First of all, I call myself an interior stylist, (i.e no design school here, folks :) ) and secondly, as much as I would love to lounge around in custom designed furniture clad is $250 a yard fabric, that is not my reality. (Cue sad violin music in the back round).
Therefore, I go in search of things in lesser known, lesser wallet-emptying places- and hence the mission of my company. And trust me, I was not expecting to find what I did at Walmart!! Target, yes. It is after all the designer’s discount store. But these products at Walmart have no designer name attached to them. The prices are truly ridiculous and so I cannot vouch for the quality- but kind of like a Target purse, you probably won’t be devastated when it falls apart in a few months. And it may not! These things would be great for guest rooms, bedrooms and places where expensive accessories may be lost on the viewer (or lack of viewers). Enjoy!

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