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Anne at Annechovie sent me a comment after my post yesterday and “tagged” me. The rules are as follows: I need to list 5 random and weird facts about myself on this blog and then tag 5 other bloggers to have them do the same. Well, being relatively new to the blogging community I only have 3 blogger buddies. Isn’t that sad? I need to cyber-schmooze more.
There are lots of random and weird things about me, but here are 5:

1) I met my husband on Match.com almost 6 years ago. When it wasn’t cool…or normal. And my mother thought I was going to end up “chopped up in the trunk of a Camaro”.
2) I was probably the only kid who actually loved lima beans.
3) Everyone assumes I am a neat freak, but am actually a slob. My hubby is the neat one. Creative types cannot thrive in rows and folded stacks- or that’s what I like to tell myself.
4) I live across the street from Joey McIntyre’s mom. New Kids fans, rejoice. My husband likes to see how fast I can run to the window by yelling “Joey’s home!”. Andrew’s seen him, but never me.
5) I read 5 celebrity gossip blogs first thing every morning with my coffee. Shallow and gross, yes, but hey, it’s a better vice than crack.

My three little blogger friends are:
Liza Cohen
Courtney Pyle
Sarah Gemba

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